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Xin chào!

Vietnamese restaurant in Bournemouth


What is Phở?

We, Eat Pho Bournemouth, are a family-run Vietnamese restaurant that uses traditional recipes which has been passed down for many generations to get where it is today. 

We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of traditional cooking in a 5* Food Hygiene rated establishment, with an open kitchen. We make everything from scratch, using the finest ingredients, sourced from local suppliers to importers of Vietnam.

Our goal is to give you the authentic and traditional dining experience of the Vietnamese food. 

Pho - Traditional Vietnamese food

What is Phở?


What is Phở?

Phở (/furh/) is Vietnam’s most beloved dish and is considered as one of the must-eat noodle soups in the world. It is healthy and nutritious rice noodle soup full of bursting flavours and textures.

Our broths are prepared by slow-cooking beef bone marrows or chicken plus over a dozen of spices for hours. Through the accurate family’s recipe preparation process, the broths achieve a consistent, distinctive and nourishing aromas.

As a necessary part, a side plate of fresh herbs, bean sprout & lime is always served with Phở. Adding the herbs and sauces on the table as you please to suit your taste.





 During COVID-19 pandemic, 

because of the safety of our staff and customers, We're open for Take-away and Delivery only until further notice. 

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210 Old Christchurch Road Bournemouth, UK


Easy Parking Nearby: 1. Pay & Display Bays 2. Glen Fern Road Multi-Storey Car Park (just round the corner)

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